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Kung Fu Panda Movie Fundraiser

^^ Click the above link to order your movie tickets with Wallis Cinemas for 6th April 2024. This link will take you to Wallis Cinemas website to purchase tickets. 

Don't forget to pre purchase your movie snack and a chance to win in our raffles. Extras purchased on Golden Gunz website will directly support Golden Gunz fundraising. 


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Meet the Team

Golden Gunz are an elite Level 1 cheerleading team of 17 girls ranging from 9 to 17 years old. The squad embodies the spirit of cheerleading both on and off the floor; demonstrating positivity and a team focus whilst delivering a fiercely competitive routine. 

They have worked hard to be selected to compete on an international stage at the Global Games Cheerleading Championships held in Honolulu, Hawaii in May 2024. This event hosts athletes from all around the world, with thousands again expected to participate this year.


We appreciate your support in helping us to be a part of it!

Click through the slides to see our team introductions!

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